Fierce Accessories: Some Serious Geometrically Fierce Bling

If you’ve just started following my blog, you’ll soon learn I am a serious accessories addict!  I will plan an entire outfit around a pair of shoes or earrings!  Fashion jewelry in particular is a major weakness – the bigger, bolder, and unique the better for me and I can never have enought.  Now I normally don’t like to shed a ton of cash on jewelry, especially with the wealth of options of getting a lot of trendy items for your buck.  However, I can appreciate and admire some unique and seriously fierce jewelry even if I can’t afford it!  These pieces definitely fall into that category (with prices starting in the upper $100’s)

I wanted to share these because I totally love the shapes, jewels, and colors these pieces of jewelry have!  They are truly different and many of them are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

So please, daydream with me! :)

Adele Sterling Silver and 18 K yellow gold earrings, trapazoid shape

M.C.L Persian Cuff Bangle with sapphires and semi precious stones

IsharyaLibra Earrings in Blue Topaz and Aqua Blue

Isharya Florentine Fuschia Square ring carved blue

M.C.L Upside down pave teardrop with Pearls

Carrera y Carrera, Colección Ruedo, Aretes Paso Doble oro amaril

Isharya Narrowed Earrings in Pink


Photos courtesy of mentioned designers.

3 thoughts on “Fierce Accessories: Some Serious Geometrically Fierce Bling

  1. Veshoevius says:

    My daydream? I’m wearing that fabulous persian cuff and those blue topaz and aqua drop earrings and a long white floaty kaftan going shopping in the old markets in Morocco in style!

    • MJ says:

      Isn’t that ring fab??!!! And I’m really not into rings like that but if I had the money I would splurge on that one for sure!

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