The Black Allure Spread in Vogue Italia

I don’t think I’ve ever written about a fashion spread in a major fashion magazine (well except for this one, and NOT because it was a good!).  But I was browsing the Huffington Post and my mouth just dropped in awe at these photos!  I’m not that into high fashion as far as following magazine spreads and things like that, but this…..I had to share! Not only are these models absolutely gorgeous, I love, love, LOVE the overall theme of beautiful women hanging out in a cool lounge.  The dresses are something I would wear in a hot minute so airy yet deeply rich with color!  I love how they are long yet still sexy. The beauty aspect of it is absolutely flawless, loving the short, finger waved hair rocking bold eyes and bold lip color! The accessories are  to die for (I mean did you see those hats??!!) and the poses absolutely FIERCE!

The icing on the cake? There are  2o pages in this spread showcasing these beautiful, black models. 

OMG,  I’m so excited I can’t even write anymore!

Photos courtesy of : Huffington Post,

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