Fierce Accessories: Spring Handbags from Elaine Turner

Spring has officially started and though it may not seem like it’s Spring everywhere, at least we have a really good reason to start looking towards Spring fashion.  I know I’ve been itching to get some more bright colors, floral patterns, and warm neutrals into my wardrobe! These fashions I showed you ladies last week already have me giddy and these handbags from Elaine Turner are keeping a smile on my face!  I admit that I’m not the biggest handbag fanatic (my bag collection is looking kinda sad these days!) but there are those that catch my eye and these are no exception!  I love the colors and patterns these bags have.  They’re too cute, with some casual enough for a spring day out shopping or out with the girls, and some that are perfect for a night out!  The Sandy and Summer collections are my faves and I wish I could list them all (but you would be scrolling for days!)

What do you think ladies?


Sunny Collection


Summer Collection


Sandy Collection



Kimberly Oyster

Juliette Collection


Sandy Collection

Photos courtesy of: Elaine Turner

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