Friend Friday: Learning The Hard Way

It’s Friend Friday again and we’re talking about the five hardest lessons we’ve learned bloggers and how we’ve become better bloggers ( as well as better people!) as a result!

*A little side note:  I apologize if I’ve been a little MIA this week.  As you’re reading this I’m out of town attending to not-so-happy family concerns so this week has been a little hectic. Thanks for understanding peeps!*

  1. Be patient!  I remember that about a month or so into blogging my stats were looking kinda pitiful, my layout wasn’t as stunning as others, and I hadn’t had a single comment on anything I wrote!  I called my best friend and I told her I wanted my blog to be so much further along than this and she told me I needed to be patient.  The big time bloggers I had been following had taken years to achieve all that they have.  After having my little pity party I kept pushing through and tried to keep my focus on what I’ve accomplished thus far.  A year and a half later I’ve watched my blog grow and I’m enjoying that process without dwelling on the place I really want my blog to be!
  2. You don’t have to post every single day to be consistent.  This took me most of my first year blogging to really get a clue about this one!  In the beginning I was so afraid that I didn’t have something on my blog every single day, my readership was going to tank faster than I could blink!  It took having a serious case of blogger burnout to really learn that I had to determine my own level of consistency whether I wanted it to be every day, every other day, or three times a week.
  3. Networking in the blogging community is key.  I didn’t realize this lesson until I joined FBFF last summer.  It wasn’t until I started connecting with my fellow bloggers did I realize not only the growth in my blog but my own personal growth as well!  It’s not a competition out there!  We are all in this together and we all want to see each other grow!
  4. It’s okay to get rid of what doesn’t work.  My perfectionism can get the absolute best of me and many times I think that if I do something better, it will turn out better.  However, that’s not always the case.  Back in September I started a series called Tuesday Top Five and I was so super excited about the idea.  It was cool for the first few weeks but after awhile, it became tedious and a pain to come up with a top five something everyday.  The perfectionist MJ started to say that I wasn’t doing it well enough but the realistic MJ said that it just wasn’t working and once I got rid of it, I felt so much better!
  5. Everything is not for everybody.  When you’re starting out you think there is this magic formula or blogging code that you have to adhere to in order to be successful.  True, there are things that you can do that can help grow your blog but that doesn’t mean that it will automatically work for you.  In the beginning I thought I had to be writing about certain things in a certain way, everyday in order to be successful.  I learned (after much stress!) that first and foremost I had to be me and whatever I did on my blog had to fit for me. What many other bloggers do may not be for me..and you know what?  That is quite all right!

What lessons have you learned as a blogger?

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8 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Learning The Hard Way

  1. Courtney says:

    I hope everything is OK, MJ!

    I definitely agree with “Everything is not for everybody.” I tried to do 30 for 30 but found it hard to stick with and, in the end, decided it’s not for me. On that note, one of my lessons learned is: Think through what you commit to.

    • MJ says:

      Thanks Courtney! Things are slowly getting back to normal thank goodness!

      You definitely have to think through something you commit to and even if you realize halfway through it’s not for you, it’s okay too. Sometimes you have to go through things to really learn! :)

  2. gen321 says:

    Thank you for this post!!!!! As a new blogger (less than a year), I needed to read this…….and trust, I am learning patience. I am getting into my comfort zone and am constantly inspired by the other bloggers I follow.

    • MJ says:

      You are sooo welcome girl!! I’m glad you found it helpful. Yes, patience is such a hard thing to have especially when you’re passionate about something. But in the end, when things just start falling into place, you’ll realize it’s all worth it!

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