30 Things I Learned from the 30×30 Remix Challenge

 30x30 remix challenge

1.       Pops of color can take an outfit from blah to wow

2.       This challenge made getting dressed faster when you don’t have a whole closet to work with

3.       The right pattern top can do all the accessorizing for you!

4.       Really challenge yourself and make that item you bought on sale really work in your wardrobe

5.       You don’t have to be matchy matchy with color. Keeping it in the family is enough!

6.       Leggings are wearable…just keep that booty covered!

7.       It’s easy to run out of poses

8.       Coral really is an awesome color!  Can’t wait for spring!

9.       Don’t give up on an ill fitting item – a belt, scarf, or even a safety pin can make a world of difference

10.   A simple sweater in a bold color is a simple way to change things up

11.   Tights or even black pantyhose can make a big difference in your look

12.   Just a touch of ruffle and lace can give you a very feminine yet totally work appropriate outfit

13.   Sneakers aren’t just for running errands!

14.    Super easy remix – wear the basics, switch up the accessories!

15.   The right belt can really define your waist

16.   Pencil skirts are essential for diva professionals!

17.   I sure have a lot of purple in my wardrobe…

18.   But I hear that creative people wear purple so it’s all good!

19.   Taking pictures outside isn’t as terrifying as I thought!

20.   Sometimes all you need is a fierce pair of shoes

21.   Just switching to a darker pair of pants made my sweater pop even more

22.  Finally found a fashion fix for this ill fitting shirt (the belt look familiar?)

23.  White button down shirts are the perfect backdrop for bold colored accessories

24.   I need to stop being lazy and incorporate more skirts into my daily wear

25.   The right scarf can make an awesome belt!

26.   Don’t be afraid of your curves!  Show them off!

27.   Cami’s really are a girl’s best friend!

28.   Exchange that skirt for a pair of pants and you have an easy remix!

29.   Really shop that closet!  You’ll never know what long lost item you may find!

30.   It’s really easy to run out of poses!

Have you done the challenge?  What have you learned?

4 thoughts on “30 Things I Learned from the 30×30 Remix Challenge

  1. naomikandrews says:

    So fun to see al of your remix outfits! I love the black waist belt. It’s amazing what accessories can do for on outfit. Love what you said about a touch of ruffle and lace to add a feminine touch. Also, fierce shoes… you bet! And those hot pink heels are fierce!

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