Outfit 29 of 30: Scarves Are My Friend

Since I started this challenge, I never wore scarves.  I wanted to but had no idea how to incorporate them into my outfits, especially the way my fellow fashionistas have in their outfit posts!  But now, I’m getting the hang of it, getting me dig out this navy blue scarf I’ve had forever.  I actually “borrowed” this from my mom, who has a ton of scarves that she used to wear back in the day (guess I didn’t inherit those scarf-wearing genes!)  I just tied around my neck, like a tie almost and I thought it was pretty cute, especially since it’s short.  In the future I want to get pattern ones this length, so it can make my plain shirts even more snazzy!

White button down shirt

White button down: JCPenny

Black trousers: JCPenny

Black Shoes:  Payless

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