Outfit 27 of 30: This Remix is Husband Approved

After taking photos in this outfit before leaving work, my husband stopped me, asking me why I was so dressed up today.  I looked at him really weird. To me, this wasn’t dressy at all!  Different, yes because I never wore this combination to work before. So after he laughs at the look at gave me (my face can say it all sometimes!) he told me he liked it.  Then a few days later he mentioned again how much he liked this outfit. 

It’s official.  This outfit is husband approved!

Not bad for coming down the homestretch!

charlotte russe cardigan

Rainbow Belt

Black Belt

Cardigan:  Charlotte Russe

Lace Cami:  Charlotte Russe

Pants:  JCPenny

Belt: Rainbow

Shoes:  Rack Room

2 thoughts on “Outfit 27 of 30: This Remix is Husband Approved

  1. Caro says:

    Love that it’s hubby approved! It takes a lot for my boyfriend to notice fashion/style, so I always appreciate when he says he likes something!

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