Outfit 21 of 30: Belted Up and Striped Out

I was really determined to find a fashion fix for this button down shirt because I love the striped pattern of it, despite the fact that it gives my hips no type of definition.  Cue the patent leather belt (yes, again!) and I’m back in business!  You can see my hips and the shirt no longer looks like I’m wearing a parachute! LOL This time I chose my hot pink cami, I guess because I’m anxious to wear my spring gear, despite the fact the weather is gorgeous down here!  I guess the New Yorker in me still holds on to staying true to the seasons…sometimes!

Striped Shirt, Macy's, Pink Cami

Button Down Shirt:  EdTv

Cami – Charlotte Russe

Trousers: New York and Co

Shoes: Payless

Heart Necklace: Rainbow

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