Outfit 17 & 18: Creatively Purple

I didn’t even realize I wore purple two days in a row until going through my photos.  But like I said in my Friend Friday post on color, purple is one of the dominant colors in my closet.  I don’t know how I ended buying so much purple but my girl Veshoevius tells me that the color purple is the color of creative people, so we’ll just go with that!

The first time I wore this sweater, it was just sooo….blah!  So I jazzed i up with this sequined scarf I found in my closet that I really don’t wear often.  Definitely gave the sweater pizzazz…too much though for the day job so it didn’t take long for me to ditch it and return back to a blah sweater!

Purple Sweater, Sequined Scarf

Sweater – JCPenny

Trousers – JCPenny

Sequined Scarf – Charlotte Russe

Ballet Flats – Rack Room Shoes


I wore this outfit on Friday and I was feeling really lazy!  I didn’t even feel like bothering with my hair, slicking it back with some gel and throwing on a headbands (Thank goodness for headbands!) Like I said yesterday, we don’t have formal casual Fridays at the day job, so I make my own, getting as casual as I can get without wearing jeans and sneakers.  So the Old Navy shirt made it’s appearance again wearing it with my grey pants this time, and throwing on this necklace to at least make it look like I tried to dress up!

Old Navy Tee

Purple striped shirt – Old Navy

Grey Trousers – JCPenny

Silver charm necklace – Kohls

Ballet Flats – Rack Room


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