Outfit 16 of 30: My Pencil Skirt Means Business

I finally got around to wearing this black pencil skirt for this challenge.  A black pencil skirt is definitely a wardrobe basic and when working in a corporate environment, it’s a must!  You can’t help but feel like a diva professional in it and if I could last all day at work in stilletto heels, you couldn’t tell me anything! 

The skirt itself is high waisted and I never tucked any of my tops in because it would bring more attention to my midsection.  But wearing a black cami along with the long cardigan didn’t give me that issue and you can’t even tell I’m wearing a cami and a skirt unless you’re up close.  The black proved to be slimming and the length of the cardi gave more attention to my curves than the roundess in the middle.  It also gave my casual cardi a more professional look, because I usually wear it over a white or black tee shirt and my trousers on Friday’s to work (unfortunately we don’t have casual Fridays so I kinda make up my own version!).  This cardigan is my favorite and I’m excited to find a new (and more professional way) to wear it!

Black pencil skirt, Burgandy cardian, pearls

Cardigan – Charlotte Russe

Pencil Skirt – JCPenny

Cami – Gifted

Shoes: Payless

Pearl Necklace – Aldo

Pearl Flower Stud Earrings – Charlotte Russe

12 thoughts on “Outfit 16 of 30: My Pencil Skirt Means Business

    • MJ says:

      OMG thank you! You’re too sweet!

      I’m glad you like the idea! I know there are a lot of fashion events with personal styling but I haven’t seen too many with personal beauty styling so it should be fun! :)

  1. Michelle Howard says:

    Oh MJ I love this outfit on you. And I absolutely agree a black pencil skirt is essential for working in a corporate environment, as well as a pair of black straight leg pants!

    I have to say that this outfit and the colors really becomes you.

    • MJ says:

      Michelle you are too sweet! Thank you! I’ve never worn this combo before so I’m glad it worked out!

      I am a huge fan of the black straight leg pants! You can never have enough!

  2. Veshoevius says:

    you look ready to kick ass in the boardroom lady – you’re so right about the pencil skirt being an essential wardrobe item especially for working girls in corporate environments – the best item to work some femininity in the workplace and still appear professional!

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