Oufit 15 of 30: Trying to Stay Neutral

OMG I’m halfway through!!  I’m kinda proud I made it this far and I can honestly say I’ve been having a lot of fun.  I’ve tried out new combinations of clothes I hadn’t thought of before and really learning about my fashion sense and style.  The shopping ban hasn’t hit me too hard yet and I still have clothes I picked for the challenge that I haven’t worn yet – including this cardigan.

I bought this cardigan along with the cami in the previous outfit when I had to return these beautiful and absolutely fab booties that I bought for New Year’s Eve.  Let me tell you, I lasted all of five minutes in those things and when I stood still, my ankles were convulsing (yeah that bad!).  So I exchanged it for this cardigan.  I was still in distress and figured I had to leave with something, only to come home and not have a clue how to wear this thing.  My new belt to the rescue again! I also challenged myself to wear neutral colors, even forgoing the colored accessories (which for me is soo hard!)

Charlotte Russe cardigan, Patent Leather Belt, Black Trousers

Okay I couldn’t resist color!!  This is one of the beautiful roses my husband bought me for Valentine’s Day.

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

White Tee: Rainbow

Black Pants: JCPenny

Shoes:  Rack Room Shoes

8 thoughts on “Oufit 15 of 30: Trying to Stay Neutral

    • MJ says:

      Honestly, for me it really wasn’t. I actually have fun thinking of a new way to wear the clothes in my closet. It gave me an excuse to wear things I haven’t worn often (as well as stay on top of my laundry! LOL)

  1. A Brit Greek says:

    I love this outfit and the silhouette it gives you! I also noticed that you’re going through a blue phase! Loved that blue smoky eye look you did a while back too!

    Plus i think that Rocky is just such a cutie!

    Thanks for your comment – that’s one of the things i actually forgot to write – that us bloggers are a strong community and we support each other in a massive way – big fash corps just don’t get that!

    Have an amazing weekend hun! I bet that a deep green smoky eye would look good on you too!


    • MJ says:

      Thank you! Oh yes, blue is one of my favorite colors and I honestly think I don’t have enough!

      That dog steals my heart every single time! He’s so hard not to love!

      You know what is soo funny?? I was thinking to myself this morning that I haven’t tried a green smokey eye yet! Now I definitely have to do it!!

      Have an awesome weekend love!

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