Outfit 13 of 30: Feeling Artsy Under the Sun

On the day I wore this outfit it was a gorgeous day outside and I thought to myself that I needed to stop being a chicken and get some outfit pictures outside.  I was going to visit my sister at my mom’s house anyway so I brought my tripod along and took advantage of the privacy of her backyard!  I had fun outside so I have to get out more often!

I don’t know why but I always feel really artsy when I’m wearing my beanie hat and I usually wear it when I go to meet up with some writing friends.  I guess you can say it’s my creativity thinking cap – but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that today! My hair was looking crazy and I didn’t want to spend hours getting it to look presentable and miss out on decent sunlight!  So, the artsy look it had to be!  I love the print of this blouse from Fashion to Figure, which I haven’t worn for this challenge yet (and I still have stuff I haven’t worn yet so I’m pysched!).  My jeans are always a given on weekends and my Reeboks have their time to shine because it the ground was still soggy from the morning rains.  I added my door knockers (aka earrings) to the mix because I haven’t worn these babies in a while either.

And, of course, when I visit my mom I visit the other man in my life.

Meet my big baby Rocky.  He’s so spoiled but you can’t help it!  Just look at his face!

Blouse:  Fashion to Figure

Jeans:  Old Navy

Sneakers: Reeboks

Beanie: Rainbow

Earrings: CitiTrends

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