Outfit 11 of 30: Pink Stripes and Roses

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’ll be honest, this used to be my least favorite holiday because I never seemed to have anybody when this time of year came around (I mean how does that happen??)  I’m happy to say that even someone like me was able to snag the bestest Valentine ever and he has been for almost 6 years now! :)

Though this isn’t what I’m wearing today, I did wear this outfit for my hubby’s B-day last week.  I usually don’t wear a skirt to work because I’m old school and have to rock pantyhose.  Finding the right color and size is super frustrating but this time I was a little inspired my outfit blogging buddies who get to rock tights this time of year.  So I did the next best thing and bought black pantyhose and I kinda like the look!  I’ve had this skirt  forever and love the pink stripes and rose detailing on the side (another gift from my fashionable auntie!)  The white button down shirt was one I haven’t worn yet, layering it over a black cami.

So I got extra dressy for work that daythinking I would be taking him out to a nice birthday dinner.  All he really wanted to do was order in BBQ and watch Netflix!  Gotta love him! LOL

White Button Down Shirt:  JCPenny

Pink Striped Skirt:  New  York and Company

Shoes:  Payless

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