Outfit 9 of 30: Is There a Tailor in the House??

Ladies, I’m not totally feeling this outfit (you can tell by my meanie face huh? LOL) and it’s mostly because of the shirt.  I totally bought it on a Black Friday whim and though I loved that it buttons all the way up comfortably over “my girls”, the waistline is rather funky.  I tried cinching it with a belt but that didn’t help.  Maybe next time I’ll layer it over a looser shirt so I can wear it open until I can get a tailor to take it in.  In any event, I tried to make it work!

Shirt:  Macy’s

Trousers: New York and Co

Cami: Forever 21  (I’m not sure so don’t quote me!)

Shoes: Payless

Necklace:  CitiTrends

4 thoughts on “Outfit 9 of 30: Is There a Tailor in the House??

  1. linleyshea says:

    i like this striped shirt with the deep teal! until you get to the tailor, maybe you could tuck it into a skirt or wear a cardigan over it… it’s a lovely and versatile shirt!

  2. Stylepint says:

    I think if you rolled the sleeves and leave the shirt unbuttoned it would give that relaxed vibe to make it more “casual.” It’s always a challenge to find clothes that fit perfectly AND on sale. =)

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