Friend Friday: Who’s Ready for Some Color??

Outfit 6 of the 30×30 challenge

It’s real funny that this week would be all about color because I didn’t realize just how much color I had in my wardrobe until doing this 30×30 challenge!  I literally had this fashion epiphany the other day so I’m glad I get to talk about it!

What color dominates your closet?

Hmmm, I would have to say that the purples, blacks, and denim blues have it in my closet.  There was a time I was subconsciously buying a lot of purples and when I realized it I started changing it up.  Black and denim blue are always staple colors because I like wearing bottoms that pretty much go with everything.  I’m also not that comfortable wearing colored pants or skirts just yet!
If money weren’t an issue how would you change the color emphasis in your closet?

I have a ton of colored tops and dresses so I would invest in getting colored pants and multicolored skirts.  I tended to stay away from them because I would always be afraid that I wouldn’t have a top to go with them.  Neutral bottoms are also pretty safe too, so if money were no object I would totally go crazy with those.  I would also invest in getting more pieces with colored patterns because that would also take me out of my fashion comfort zone.

What is your mantra about mixing colors?

Keep it in the family!  For example, in this outfit post, my purple tee and cardigan aren’t the exact same color purple, but they are all in the same family when it comes to shades and brightness.  That’s important if you’re going to be wearing these pieces of clothing together.   Also, I make sure that I have a neutral color to balance it all out whether it’s black shoes or pants.  I’m looking to get more daring with color so this will be the mantra until I get there!
For you, how do you incorporate color into your outfits?

Most of my color is in my tops and dresses.  I like looking for conservative pieces like sweaters or sheath dresses in loud and bold colors.  It allows me to have fun without wearing something I would be completely uncomfortable in.  I also work in an office five days out of the week so I also look professional but express my personality at the same time.  I also LOVE colored accessories because I can add color to otherwise very neutral outfits like button down shirts or LBD’s.  I’m also on the look out for more colored shoes like these so I can also get more color into my fashion diet!
Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating color into their wardrobe?

There are always way to many to name so here are a few that I can think of off top!

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere – I had to mention this blog because of this post last summer.  It totally inspired me to get colored pumps into my life (and I’m still looking for a yellow pair like these!)

Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy – Queen of mixing colors, prints and patterns and she even broke it down on how to do it with this post and this post (I definitely took notes!)

Bethany of Misplaced Sequins – I like how she adds pops of color into her outfits, especially how she pulled it off in this outfit.  Aren’t those shoes fab?

Kendie of Kendie Everyday – I just started following her blog and I really like her style, especially how she used complimentary colors in this recent outfit.

Talk to me!  How do you incorporate color into your fashionable life?

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12 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Who’s Ready for Some Color??

  1. QueenDiva says:

    I just found your blog thanks to CurvyGirlChic… I love your style and I love the color purple… if you swing by my blog Diva in Deep Thought you will see I wear purple and teal the most. I also have just about every color stiletto known to man… So if there is no color in my outfit… usually the shoes and accessories will have color. :)

  2. Suze says:

    Hehe… Queen of mixing colors, prints and patterns… I like that description. I may add it to my business cards :) (Right under “inflated ego!!) LOL

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