30×30 Challenge: Playing Catch Up!

Trying not to get too far behind, I decided to post my outfits 7 and 8 in one post (I know, rebellious right? LOL)

Outfit 7:  Game Day

This photo shoot didn’t go quite as I planned.  My husband and I had an Superbowl party to go to and being the old lady that I can be, I laid down to take a nap.  I figured I would get up, take a few outfit shots while I still had light and make it to the party no problem.  Well, I didn’t wake up to almost 6pm and as I rushed to get ready and make it outside so my husband can take some photos. But as you can see it was getting dark and didn’t make for the best pictures.  But then I was like, no worries, I can take pictures at the party.  So we get there and it was outside in an open air gazebo of sorts, complete with grills, tables, and plenty of flat screen TV’s.   I had an awesome time but the humidity was at least 110% and my perfectly laid down bob turned into a curly fro by the end of the night.  So needless to say, I didn’t take any more pictures.  The good news – I got to wear my Reeboks!

White T-Shirt – Rainbow

Jeans – Old Navy

Sneakers – Reeboks


Outfit 8 – Coral-lly Yours

I’m soo happy Coral is going to be one of the “in” colors this Spring, because I’m already prepared!  This sweater is super comfy and I love the pop of color it gives to an otherwise conservative piece.  I paired it with my light grey trousers (I mean the black ones really needed a rest, don’t yah think?). 

I’m really having a good time with this challenge so far.  I’m not getting bored with my clothes (I still have some left that I haven’t worn) but I am running out of poses.  I mean I can look up to the sky but for so long!  Maybe I need to catch some more reruns of Top Model. :)

Sweater – Cable and Guage

Grey Trousers – JCPeny

Shoes – New York and Company

Necklace and Earring Set – CitiTrends

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