Outfit 5 of 30: Purple Stripes and Pearls

The day I wore this outfit was SUPER tired so I needed to wear something that was comfortable and didn’t require too much effort.  What ended up with was a combo that I’ve worn often – the Old Navy tee with the cropped cardigan.  I stumbled across the combination with help from my husband – he thought it was a pretty cool pairing (and of course, you can never go wrong with black trousers and comfy flats!)  What I couldn’t figure out were my accessories.  I first went with both the black pearls and white pearls from Aldo but I wasn’t feeling it too much.  It was also heavy as hell and it wouldn’t make it around my neck the entire day.  Then I went with the white ones by themselves and….I wasn’t feeling that either (this is what happens when you’re tired and trying to look like a person.  Nothing seems to come together!).  I finally settled on the black pearls, which matched my bracelet and earrings.

Striped Tee – Old Navy

Purple Cropped Cardigan – Charlotte Russe

Black Trousers – JCPenny

Flats – Famous Footwear

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