Fierce Review: The Editor

After writing my post on editorial calendars, the folks over at The Editor reached out to me and put me on to a really cool they have just for bloggers.  It’s called (you guessed it!) The Editor, a blogging planner designed to keep us and our blog organized.  For the past year I’ve only been using a colorful notebook I picked up at Family Dollar and though it has served me well, it was started to get a little beat up.  I carry it with me everywhere and I have this weird pet peeve about being anally neat with everything I write and write on.  So when I received my planner for review, it was exactly what someone like me who loves to be insanely organized would want!

Here’s what you can find inside:

  • The Editor’s Page
  • 12 Bulletin Boards ~ monthly
  • 12 Editorial Calendars ~ monthly
  • 72 Post Manager pages ~ weekly
  • 4 Product Log pages
  • 4 Revenue Tracker pages
  • 2 Expense Tracker pages
  • 2 Contest & Giveaway Log pages
  • 2 Login Organizer pages
  • 2 Link List pages
  • 4 Contact pages
  • 4 Notes pages
  • 2 Glossary pages
  • 2 Calendars year view
  • 2 Storage Pockets

I love the fact that the calendars are blank and you can write in the dates as needed.  It has space to jot down ideas, make note of month long challenges, and a nifty To-Do list section before each month.  For each day you have room to not only write down your post title, but spaces to put down references, sources, and any permalinks you want to write down.  The Product logs are perfect for bloggers like me to keep track of products I waiting to receive and have received for review.  For those of you who monetize your blog, there are Expense Tracker Sheets and it even has Contest and Giveway logs.  The book itself has a very professional black cover, thick durable pages, and the binding is strong so I’m sure it can take the beatings I put my calendars through!

 If you couldn’t tell by now, I am very impressed with this planner and I’ve already received compliments on it!  For $25, I think its well worth it!


What do you guys think?  Is this something you would consider using?

Top Photo courtesy of:  The Editor

FTC Disclosure:  Product used in this reveiw was received as a free sample.


9 thoughts on “Fierce Review: The Editor

    • MJ says:

      Crackberry! LOL. I’m totally addicted to my Vibrant but just writing things down helps ingrain it in my brain in some weird kinda way!

      • Goody says:

        LOL..i too love having my BB and the calendar but within the last year, I have just been finding actually writing things down works better for me because there are so many things in my calendar at times that I tend to miss or ignore things!

        this sounds like a cool tool…thanks for sharing

      • MJ says:

        Yeah writing stuff down works for me too. I guess just the process of writing something down helps keep it in your mind and with a phone it’s easy to ignore things!

        I’m glad you found this helpful!

    • MJ says:

      That’s such awesome news!! I’m so glad it helped you out! Once you start with one, it will be impossible to live without it! :)

  1. vonnie says:

    wow!!! that’s such a cool idea and product…i wish that i were that organized, lol! if i were, I’d want that for sure, but I don’t use paper/pen for anything, only online or my phone for alarms and notes. this is a goooood idea though! can keep clippings in there of inspiration, etc


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