Outfit 4 of 30: Lime Green Goodness

A quick note before I get into today’s outfit, because I started this challenge a bit early, my outfits that post here isn’t necessarily what I wore today.  I also don’t have time to post on the weekends, so even though I’m wearing an 30×30 outfit everyday, due to time constraints, I just can’t post them every single day.

So, with that said, this is what I wore last Thursday to work.  I was having dinner at my grandma’s right after , so I went in a little more dressed up than usual.  I bought this dress on clearance from NY and Company for like $10 and I just couldn’t pass it up.  However, I rarely ever wore it!  It occupied that space of rarely worn clothes in the corner of my closet (it’s kinda scary back there too!).  So I wanted to include it this challenge so I can learn exactly what to do with it!  Pairing it up with this cardigan was a first (and I really like it so it definitely won’t be the last!).  My husband didn’t even recognize the dress, which made this remix a success for me! The necklace I scored at Payless for $3 has been getting a lot of play around here so it won’t be the last time you see it!

Sheath Dress – New York and Company

Ruffled Cardign – New York and Company

Black pumps – Payless

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