Outfit 3 of 30: Breaking the Brown with Black Rule

After playing it safe yesterday, I thought I do something daring and so something like, “OMG, wear brown and black together!”  I know its a fading rule but I like feeling rebellious so we’re just going to roll with it! 

I’ve had this top   and I love it because it’s super comfy and doesn’t require ironing! The black trousers automatically say “work appropriate” while my basic silver hoops automatically say, “me!”  And, oh you will be seeing these shoes a lot during the week because these are my comfy work shoes.  Some days require me being on my feet most of the day and trying to do that in super cute stilettos is not a good look (believe me, I tried!)

Brown Patterned Top: New York and Company

Black Trousers:  Worthington

Shoes: Payless

6 thoughts on “Outfit 3 of 30: Breaking the Brown with Black Rule

  1. Michelle Howard says:

    Hmmm who said it was a rule? I LOVE brown and black. I think when you accessorize it right, it looks great.

    I love your top too because it’s not a solid color. It has a print so no real need for a lot of accessorizing :-)

    • MJ says:

      I only started wearing the combination recently because (at least as told to me) it was either brown or black but not both. But like I said, it’s a quickly fading rule! And yes, I like the fact it has that pattern because on the days when I’m feeling lazy I don’t have to accessorize much!

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