Outfit 2 of 30: Sweater Weather

While the northeast is getting hammered by snow, down here in FL we were fortunate enough to have enough chill to wear a sweater.  I’m a native New Yorker and though I don’t miss the snow (sorry guys!) I do miss the change in seasons.  When it gets cool enough for me to wear winter clothes, I take full advantage!

Today’s outfit is nothing extraordinary. It’s definitely a go-to outfit and being that it was Monday, my mind was still stuck on Saturday!  The only thing that makes this outfit for me is the necklace, which is a ton a fun.  This time I ventured out a little bit and went on my balcony (thanks to hubby being up early to take the photos for me!)  The day started off kinda dreary so I’ll have to capture some Florida sunshine next time!

Sweater: St. Johns Bay

Trousers:  New York and Company

Shoes: Payless

Vintage Charm Necklace: Avon

4 thoughts on “Outfit 2 of 30: Sweater Weather

    • MJ says:

      LOL! It was actually a decent day outside, like 55 degrees so it wasn’t too bad! Compared to the rest of the country, I cannot complain!

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