Fierce OOTD: A Floridian Winter

Happy Wednesday Ladies!

No matter how much you plan, there’s always a monkey wrench that seems to come out of nowhere and wreck havoc.  This week’s monkey wrench was a nasty cold that hit me like a ton of bricks!  I’m feeling a little better but taking an outfit picture this week was out of the question (wrinkling my nose up to sneeze every other second is soo not cute!)  So I used these pics that I took last week. 

While the rest of the country was having snow, we were having abnormally cold temps, which I welcome the opportunity to wear a sweater.  This one in particular is one of my faves because not only is it cozy, it also has the button detailing at the neckline that I think is pretty funky.  I can’t resist adding the South Florida flair though with the shell hoops.

White Button Sweater: Marshalls

Grey Trousers:  JCPenny

Brown Suede Wedges: Naturalizer


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