Fierce Fragrance: Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Collection

I was first put on to Harajuku Lovers last year when I reviewed their Snow Bunny collection.  One thing I absolutely love about these fragrances are the adorable bottles they come in, making great bedroom decorations long after the perfume is gone.  This year these Japanese inspired girls (Love, Lil Angel, Music, G, and Baby) are dressed in their own Wicked Style in this new collection.  They are decked out in bright colored threads, cool accessories, and totally punked out hair, taking cues from Japanese fashion.  Lil’ Angel and Baby are the new additions to my fragrance collection and when I received them for review I was anxious to know if the fragrance was just as good as the bottle!

 Lil’ Angel aka Gothic Lolita

Her style is my absolute favorite!  She’s rocking the all black outfit with Rhianna Red hair.  The perfume smells really good, getting whiffs of the plum and champagne notes.  It smells sweet without being too fruity.  Despite her loud her, her scent is very feminine yet let’s you know that Lolita is in the room.

Baby aka Kawaii/Decora

She has more of a girly look with her bright yellow outfit and powder pink hair. Her perfume is girly as well, much lighter than Lolita’s with a mixture of vanilla floral and glowing amber.  It’s light and airy, perfect to wear all day long!


Collectible eau de toilette                         10mL                                    $30.00

Collectible eau de toilette                         30mL                                    $45.00


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Photo courtesy of:  Harajuku Lovers

FTC Disclosure:  Perfumes used in this review were received as free samples.

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