Beauty Blast: Three Ultra-Conditioning Body Washes from SoftSoap

Winter season could spell dryer skin and it’s important to make sure we’re updating our beauty regimens to keep it properly moisturized.  Though it never feels like real winter down in here, I do suffer from dry skin so I was anxious to review these three body washes from SoftSoap.  All three promise to keep your skin nourished and hydrated.  Skin moisturizing does start in the shower and as a girl who swears by body wash, I do have high expectations! 

Body Butter Mega Moisture Heavenly Vanilla

Just the fact it had body butter in the name, I used this one first!  Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint!  The formula is rich and thick, giving you such an awesome lather.  The vanilla scent is heavenly and after a week of use, I realized my skin wasn’t as dry as it normally was after the shower.  Out of the three this was my absolute favorite!

Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus

The formula in this one is enriched with hibiscus extract, a natural skin condition that leaves skin soft and moisturized.  In the fragrance department, this one wins hands down!  It has a nice, clean floral scent that lingers after the shower.  As a moisturizing body wash, it worked rather well, leaving my skin soft and moisturized (though not as moisturized as the Body Butter one!)

Nutri Serums Mineral Extracts

The tiny beads in this body wash is filled with mineral extracts that aim to enhance skin’s radiance while giving your skin the nutrients it needs to be soft and healthy.  The fragrance is nice and my skin did feel soft afterwards.  However, out of the three, I didn’t find myself using this one much.  It’s not that it was a horrible body wash, but I didn’t find anything extraordinary about it, especially when compared with the other three.

Have any of you ladies used these body washes before?  What are your thoughts?

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FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Blast: Three Ultra-Conditioning Body Washes from SoftSoap

  1. vonnie says:

    you know i was raving about that body butter one, isn’t it fab???? so creamy and nice! glad that you got to test some out :D love the bottle/colors of the 2nd one

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