Beauty Blast: Sonic Boost Vibrating Mascara from Avon

Even when I’m having a completely lazy makeup, mascara is always a must!  If you have the right one, it’s an instant eye opener, making you look awake and refreshed (even when the rest of you isn’t!).  After trying mascara’s like Lashblast and even the Super Extend Mascara from Avon, I have a new mascara favorite – the Sonic Boost Vibrating Mascara from Avon.  Now, mind you, I’m always skeptical about ultra fancy cosmetics, especially those that promise bigger lashes with a micro-vibrating brush.  But after using it for about two months, I’ve noticed (and loved!) the instant lift and length it’s gives my lashes!  They look super long, applying the mascara evenly across each lash.  It’s also super easy to use, the brush turning on as soon as you twist the cap.  The only way you know it’s vibrating is by the gentle humming sound you hear.  My husband came into the bathroom one day while I was putting it on and was searching all over the bathroom to find out where the noise was coming from!  It was too funny!

I have to honestly say that’s this mascara is one of my fav beauty items this season!

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Photo courtesy of: Avon

FTC Disclosure:  Sample used in this review was received as a free sample.

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