Tuesday Top Five: Fiercely Short Hair Styles

If you checked out my Friend Friday Vlog, you’ll notice that I’m wearing a short bob hairstyle.  I haven’t had a bob in a really long time.  As a matter of fact, I’ve only rocked this hair style once and I’m rocking it again, not so much by choice (growing out my relaxer left the back of hair with ragged ends that just had to go!) but I love it all the same.  I’ve found myself finding new ways to rock my new do!  It also makes doing my hair in the morning sooo much smoother!  So in celebration of my new do, I’ve found five celebs whose short hairstyles I simply adore!


I loved how Rhianna rocked this asymmetrical bob!  It’s so edgy yet super girly all the same!


You know Halle Berry had to make this list!  I can’t lie, I have to get a serious dose of beauty courage (and give my husband a sedative!) to cut my hair this short.  But for now, I’ll let Halle rock it for the both of us!


I loved Hayden Panettiere  in Heroes and though she looked awesome with her long locks, I have to say she is rocking this due really well! It makes her look more mature and sophisticated.



Victoria Beckham has awesome style and her hair is no exception!  This tousled look is awesome and I’m inspired to try to get this look myself!


 I loved this layered look on Kelly Rowland for like…ever!  It screams diva to me and if I ever decided to cut my hair again, I would definitely go for this look.

What celebs are rocking your favorite short hairstyles?


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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Five: Fiercely Short Hair Styles

  1. Wigs says:

    I agree with Michelle that Rihanna’s hair looks like one of those wigs you can purchase anywhere. I love Halle Berry’s hair, I just wish I have the courage and the guts to cut my hair that short!

  2. Michelle Howard says:

    Hey MJ-

    these are fierce. I don’t particularly care for Rihanna’s though. It looks like a wig.

    I’d never cut my hair that short again though. WAY too much maintenance. People thing shorter hair is easier to maintain. Not at all. I’ve got about a foot long of hair and I can just throw it in a pony tail. With it short, you have to curl it almost daily to keep it looking tight!


    • MJ says:

      That is true about maintainance. I do sometimes miss being able to throw it back in a ponytail. Luckily I’m not keeping this style long (just wanted my hair to grow back healthy again!)

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