Friend Friday: Self Promote Much?

Happy Friday!  And yes, your girl did a video!  I like to shake things up every now and again,you know!

For more info on how to participate in Friend Friday, check out Katy at Modly Chic!

7 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Self Promote Much?

  1. Grit and Glamour says:

    Fun…nice to see AND hear you, MJ! I agree that being yourself is very important in promoting your blog. As you noted on my post about this, “no one else out there is exactly like you, so you have to use your own uniqueness to set you apart.”

    And YES! Social media means you’re supposed to be SOCIAL! Great responses.

    FYI, the sound on your video kind of cuts in and out…not sure if there is a setting on your recorder you can adjust or not.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

    • MJ says:

      Thanks V!

      Yes, I did notice the audio was a bit funky. I was using the webcam off of my laptop so I gotta play around with the settings so it can come out better. I’m not gonna lie, I was feeling kinda lazy last night when I recorded it! LOL

  2. Veshoevius says:

    Oh hey! Nice to see you in person! The annoyance at insincere comments with links seems to be universal which makes you wonder why so many people still do it. Great answers! Be yourself is certainly great advice.

    • MJ says:

      Hey girl! Thanks! I’m trying to inject some more of my personality on this page so I gave this vlog thing a go.

      I think so many bloggers do the insincere comments with links because they don’t know any better. That’s why it’s awesome that we’re talking about it so there’s no excuse not to know any better! :)

  3. vonnie says:

    i agree, it is very important to promote YOURSELF and then people will be drawn to checking out the blog. if they like YOU, they give a damn about what you are talking about. Def agree on your “the wrong way to promote” question answer :)

    • MJ says:

      For sure! I’m a horrible salesperson so I figure I will just be me (good or bad) and that in itself will help me stick out from the crowd. In blogging it’s really about truly expressing yourself! Once you do, everything else will come naturally! :)

  4. Michelle Howard says:

    So cool ! i have to try it some time. I always procrastinate on videos.

    i can’t view it right now. My day job blocks out You Tube and other videos! I’ll watch it when I get home.


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