Fierce OOTD: A First Time for Everything

Disclaimer:  This is my first outfit official outfit post ever!  So, don’t expect the magazine cover quality, breathtaking backgrounds or killer model poses!  With that said, the show can continue!

I was able to snag my mom’s Canon for a few days to finally take the opportunity to start posting my own outfit photos.  One of my new year’s resolutions for my blog to add a bit more of my own personality into it so you guys can get to know the girl behind the news, reviews, and interviews (ooh that rhymed LOL!).  Unfortunately I don’t have a tripod so I had to put the camera on some crazy stuff to get it to the height I wanted.  The quality isn’t the best because I’m still trying to figure out how to use the camera.  Next year I’m going to finally get my own camera so just bear with a girl until then!



What I’m wearing:

Dress and Shoes: Marshalls

Necklace and bracelet: Cititrends

Earrings: Charlotte Rousse

17 thoughts on “Fierce OOTD: A First Time for Everything

  1. Serene says:

    What a great blog! Your OOTD picture is gorgeous. I really love hair pulled off the face and it looks fabulous on you, especially with the pretty earrings. LOVING the shoes! Can’t wait to see more! ~ Serene

    • MJ says:

      Aww thank you so very much! These are one of my favorite pair of shoes and they are crazy comfortable! I love Marshalls for those! :)

  2. Tracy Jones says:

    MJ, I love the pics. Your whole look is cute and girly. I just posted my first blog outfit pictures recently, so I know how you feel. We are often more critical of ourselves, than others are…………..*wink*

  3. Michelle Howard says:

    Hi MJ, I love the skirt. My daughter has one but she’s so skinny. I have a bit of a tummy so I didn’t get it.

    I hate getting in front of the camera. Thanks for sharing your outfit with us :-)


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