Halloween Weekend Recap

I must say I had a total blast this Halloween weekend!  Saturday night my husband and I joined my Mom and her company at their Halloween bowling party.  Yes, it was quite a chore finding a costume that was cute and bowler friendly.  And if you caught my tweet last week Tuesday, you saw my frustration in finding a costume that even came in my size, especially the pirate one I really wanted.  But I’m not gonna go there today! 

So I dressed up a greek goddess and my husband went as one of The Immortals from the movie 300.  I thought he looked awesome and my costume was cute and comfy to say the least!  My sister was super cute in her Sorceress outfit and my mom went as a witch.

We had an awesome time and my husband beat the pants off of all of us – mask and all!

On Sunday, I just lounged around and greeted the scores of trick-or-treaters that came by the house.  That was just as fun as the bowling party!

What did you guys do this Halloween weekend?

8 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend Recap

    • MJ says:

      Thank you! I actually bought it this year. For years I’ve been putting together my own costume so I wanted to treat myself this time! LOL

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