Celebrity Stylist Jeni Luciani Talks Plus Size Fashion

Hey my plus size fashionistas!  I have some more awesome advice when it comes to dressing our curves.  My next Fierce expert on Plus Size Fashion is celebrity stylist Jeni Luciani.  She has worked on TV shows such as More to Love, Dance Your Ass Off, The Bachelor, and this season’s Dancing with The Stars.  I had the awesome opportunity to talk with her about plus size shopping and how we ladies can look absolutely fabulous – curves and all!

MJ:       What are some of the key pieces that a plus size woman should invest in?

 JL:        Undergarments should never be under estimated for any woman. Investing in the proper fitting bra and maybe some Spanx (always a favorite of mine!!) makes all the difference. Just don’t make the mistake of buying something that is a smaller size than you should be wearing. Never be afraid to buy your true fitting size when purchasing undergarments…the better they fit, the more comfortable you will be!  Torrid is one of the few stores that sells Spanx in sizes beyond A, B and C.

MJ:   What advice could you give when it comes to shopping for trendy clothing, which can be hard to find in larger sizes?

JL     Every day, more and more clothing lines and stores are opening that offer new and trendy styles for plus size women. I do not believe there is one top or one bottom that is “trendy.”  I believe it’s the way you piece items together and what accessories you put with them. Every outfit needs one staple item…be it a funky vest, different top or fun skinny jeans….always paired with a fabulous shoe! Trendy is a look, it’s not always a certain item. I love Torrid’s selection, as well as Ashley Stewart.

MJ:   What fashion tricks can you give for hiding those common, less flattering body parts such as a less-than-flat tummy or jiggly arms?

JL:    The key to hiding a not-so-tight-tummy is again under garments!!! I could not say enough about Spanx and my newest favorite Self Expressions (found in Target). Tight holding patterned tanks that could hold you in for days while looking cute under cardigans! Definitely a control top of some sort is the key to keeping that tummy tight.  Always keep in mind tank tops can be dangerous…you may want to stick to quarter length sleeve tee shirts or long sleeves. I always go for the “bell arm” sleeve. It brings the focus down your arm while slimming the upper arm.

MJ:   What types of clothing do you recommend for those plus size women who are very busty? How about those women with large hips or thighs?

JL:    I feel like women who have larger hips or thighs, as well as bust areas, always tend to go to black. Although black can be a very concealing color it can also be very drab, especially on certain skin types. I think it is important to wear color around the face. I also think that skirts are great for curvier thighs and hips. A form fitting skirt that hits just below the knee is a great look.  Classic bold patterns such as ones from Michael Kors also look great. Straight lines and bold cuts definitely shape a plus size body much better than smaller prints.

MJ:   If you could style any plus size celeb, who would it be?

JL:    If I could style any plus size celeb it would be Camryn Manheim! I absolutely LOVE her and I think she has an amazing personality.  I would love to work with her because I think we would laugh a lot!

A Big Thank You to Jeni for her awesome advice!

Now it’s your turn!  What advice do you have when it comes to plus size fashion?


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Photo courtesy of: Torrid

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