Four Fashion Tips for Camouflaging Thick Thighs

Old Navy wide leg jeans

Besides having to accommodate “my girls” when it comes to buying clothes, I also have my thick thighs.  Buying pants can be such a hassle because while they may fit at my thighs I have that awful gap effect at the waist which is so not cute!  So, to help us girls with thick, curvy thighs do them justice is Gail Ambeau, a fashion designer/stylist.  Her work includes dressing gospel singer Melinda Watts and Tiffany Richardson from America’s Next Top Model 4 not to mention working on numerous fashion shows.  I know I found these tips really helpful (especially the one about the boot cut or wide leg pants because that is all I wear!) so I hope you will too!

1. Wear boot cut or wide leg pants to help balance out your body proportions

2. If you wear a mini make sure it covers the widest part of your thigh and wear skin tone heels (no ankle straps) to give your legs length.

3. You can never go wrong with A-line skirts or dresses.

4. Wear dark colored pants and skirts to create a slimming effect.

Michael Kors Button Down Shirt

And just for a bonus, here are some more tips for plus size women overall!

1. Wear a Shirt tail hem, which is fashioned to ride low in the front, with a little spandex camouflaging the stomach, Such as the Michael Kors button down available up to size 24

2. Wear tops and shirts with a banded bottom. They are perfect for hiding a tummy bulge.

3. Wear a fitted jacket that is at or below the hip line. Try to find one that has princess seams to enhance your shape.

4. Wear empire waist tops or tops that accent the smaller part of your torso below the bust line. Just make sure that the tops are made of free flowing fabrics not any type of fabric that will cling to you.

5. Wear a tunic in a flowing fabric that falls just below the hips


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    • MJ says:

      Anytime! I thought these were great too! I could lose a tone of weight but my thighs will not go anywhere! Their solid so I’m always going to need tips like these!

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