Hey! Have You Met My Alter Ego Yet?

No, I’m not going crazy, so don’t panic!

I just wanted to let all my beauty and fashion peeps know about another endeavor that I’ve embarked on actually way before I started this awesome blog Fierce.  Before fashion and beauty became one of the loves of my life, my first love was fiction writing.  Because I loved reading and watching  sci-fi and fantasy books and movies, I decided to start an epic fantasy series of my own, creating an entire world from scratch (which is waay harder than one would think!) After spending the last two years working (and stopping and working some more) I’ve FINALLY finished the first draft of the first novel in the series Damaris.  With fingers crossed and all the prayers I can muster, it will be out for sale by mid next year through an awesome self-publishing group Visual Adjectives.

It’s so exciting (and scary!) requiring a ton of work but if I had the courage to start in the field of beauty and fashion (which as of last year I knew nothing about) there’s no reason why I can’t start the same thing with my fiction writing!

So, back to my alter ego.  She is M. McGriff and she has her own blog, More than Fairies and Pixie Dust that just started up last week.  I’ve already shared some of my inspirations, the prologue to the novel, and even some food for writer’s thought!

Please let me know what you think!  You’re feedback would be soo helpful (because many times I don’t know what I’m doing! LOL). 

And I will take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE from the occasional passerby to the frequent visitors to my blog!  You guys are sooo awesome and I love the blogging family I’ve made because of it!

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