Bethenny Frankel Shares Her Closet Confession Housewives Style on Bluefly

If you remember awhile back, Bluefly started a series where celebs and industry insiders shared the cool fashions (and sometimes obsessions!) that take up their closets.  I always have fun watching these from Kelly Kutrone’s jackets to Nicky Hilton’s designer threads!  The newest celeb to confess?  NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel and let me tell you, this is the most entertaining video yet!  Showcasing her power colored red dresses and separate shoe closet that sits off her kitchen in her tank top and pajama pants, she gives a rundown of her closet that is so worth seeing!  She even shows the dresses that her fellow housewives would wear (using accents and all!) 

You ladies have to go and check it out right here!


Photos courtesy of: Bluefly

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