Plus Size Fashion Spotlight: SK Wilbur

Hey ladies and welcome to the second installment of Plus Size Fashion Spotlight!  This week I’m featuring the new plus size line from SK Wilbur.  Taking inspiration from the chic style of NYC women as well as the 70’s music he listened to as a child, he brings a collection of tailored, feminine dresses using fabrics such as cottons, silks, and wools.  As you can see from these pieces here, these dresses look like so much fun!  I love the use of bold colors, cool prints, and the tailoring that seem to make every curve look fabulous! I also love the fact that the clothes are trendy yet wearable for women of any age (you see my older lady model in these pics who’s just workin it!) My favorite outfits has to be the low back, royal blue number as well as the two piece set in the Superwoman photo.  I would snatch those up in a minute!

 Though the price range may prove a bit high for some of you ladies ($225.00 to $475.00), I think the price point is well worth for something that’s tailored to fit perfectly!


What do you ladies think?

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Photos courtesy of: SK Wilbur

One thought on “Plus Size Fashion Spotlight: SK Wilbur

  1. Tina L. Morgan says:

    OK , now this is what we want, high fashion clothes with pisazzzzzz !! Not just dark ugly colors looking like you got on a tent or something. Get going more. Do you know who hard it is to find size 12 W (women) sizes. Most of us full figures women are larger at the top that the bottom. Your blue dress is supser awesomse. we need more 16 w tops with paszassss. good work !!! Great Job. We”ve been waitin on you !!!

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