Tuesday Top Five: Eyeshadow Color Combos

Eyeshadow has easily become one of my favorite types of makeup products (as evidenced by my overflowing makeup bag!).  Playing up my eyes is something that I almost always do and it’s a ton a fun to experiment with different colors, liners, and color combinations! If you remember my video on Yahoo! Shine for BlogHer 10, I’m a big fan of eyeshadow palettes, especially if you’re a makeup newbie.  For this installment of Tuesday Top Five, I’m bringing you a few of my fav color combination palettes (plus a color combo I created myself!)

Wet-n-Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Pride

I raved about this palette before but I always find myself coming back to it time and time again!  You can go for a more turquoise color by mixing the blue and green on your lids and creases, bring out a bold blue or green, using the white powder as your base, or get really glammed up and rock both blue and green shimmer powders for a cool night look!

Too-Faced Fun in the Dark Palette*: Pin-up, Full Frontal, and Peep Show

You guys already know I use Full Frontal (which is a shimmery brown color) almost all the time so that always gets applied to my brow bone.  Pin Up (which is a tan color) works as a highlighter on my lids, while Peep Show (a light pink color), gets blended in from a little below to a little above my creases.  This gives me a great day look without being too over the top!  (and the light up lights on the compact are pretty fun too!)

Maybelline Give Me Gold Palette

This is my go-to when I want a natural look with a hint of bronzy color goodness!  You can use all of these colors in so many different ways its crazy and you pretty much can’t go wrong with the neutral colors.  The gold colored shadow is the boldest color out of them all so if you’re looking for a glam look, sweep that color on your lids.  If you just want a subtle pop of color, apply it to your creases!

Wet-n-Wild  Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Cool as a Cucumber

This is the latest addition to my eyeshadow collection!  The combination of greens with a splash of purple is perfect for the Fall Season and I definitely feel the season when I rock it!  A super easy look (that’s literally spelled out in the shadow!): dark green on lids, light green on the brow bone, and work the purple in your crease and corners of your eyes.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors in  Coal, Steel, and Moonlight

If you’ve seen my photo on my “So, Who is MJ?” page, this is the color combo I’m rocking.  The moonlight goes on from lid to brow bone, the Steel goes on my lids, and finally the Coal gets right into my creases.  Being that I haven’t perfected the smokey eye yet, this is my own little version!  An added bonus about these shadows, (just like those in #1) the colors go on bold and are easy to work with!

What are your favorite eyeshadow color combos?

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Five: Eyeshadow Color Combos

  1. MJ says:

    Girl I love that first one! It is awesome! I’m going to have to pick up those duos from L’oreal. I’m always looking for a new palette! It’s an addiction I tell you! LOL

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