Happy First Birthday Fierce!

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I can’t even believe that it has been one year today since I launched my blog Fierce.  I  NEVER thought it would do as well as it did because I knew nothing about blogging, let alone anything real significant in the beauty and fashion arena.  This time last year I was washing my face with just water and never wore makeup because I didn’t have a clue how to go about it.  But I went out on a limb, closing my eyes and taking a leap into the unknown and I don’t regret a moment of it!  I have gotten to interview celebs like Patrick Dempsey, learn and use products I never used before, and meet such awesome like minded bloggers, that I have learned so much from!  I literally fell into something that I have grown to love!  I’m so proud of my blogging baby and I am soo grateful for EVERYONE who has even taken a peak at my blog.  It’s means so much, you’re comments are always awesome, and the support is unmeasurable!

I have great ideas for you ladies going into my second blogging year that are going to be challenging but a ton of fun!  I’m going to giving fashion just as much play as my beauty stories, which will include some awesome plus size fashion spotlights and advice for my curvy and plus size ladies (like myself!).  I have already started a new weekly feature called Tuesday Top Five and I’m working on bringing in one or two more weekly beauty and fashion good stuff!  I’m ALWAYS open to suggestions so please feel  free to contact me and let me know what you like (and what you don’t like!)

I thought I would also celebrate this first bday with a list of the top five most read posts from this past year!  Make you sure you check out any of those that you may have missed!

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I’m excited about this year and once again, thanks to all of my readers! :)

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    • MJ says:

      Thank you! And that’s awesome you’ve had your blog for 2+ years! It takes so much dedication and work to keep a blog going and its always an accomplishment to keep it going that long! :)

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