Fierce Book Review: Your So-Called Life by Andrea Lavinthal and Jessica Rozler

Though I have a special place  beauty products and fashion, my first love has always been writing and as a writer (who’s working on her own novel by the way!), I can always appreciate a good book!  So when I got the opportunity to do a book review of Your So-Called Life by Andrea Lavinthal ( a beauty editor for and Jessical Rozler (who works in the book publishing industry) I definitely was up to giving it a shot! 

The authors of  Friend or Frenemy? and The Hookup Handbook are coming out tomorrow with their guide of the So-Called Life of the almost and already thirty somethings who face all the issues that come with officially being an adult.  As a girl who just turned 29, the idea of turning 30 has been quite an issue, coupled with just getting married and finally come face to face with all of those “big girl” things that I didn’t have to really deal with when I was in my early twenties (OMG I’m talking about having kids for crying out loud! LOL).  This book definitely hits all of those such things such as mortgages and marriages, your family and starting your own, dealing with and making new friends, and even how to throw a Martha Stewart like dinner party with a Walmart budget.  It also includes expert advice from the likes of former Top Chef and celebrity chef Katie Lee, NY Times bestselling author Rachel Greenwald, and psychologist Dr. Kevin Brennan.

My thoughts?

I enjoyed reading this book!  I found things such as the possible scenarios of where you are when it comes to how you spend your free time to what we can learn from the shows of your younger years very relatable.  I felt they addressed the unique challenges that come with turning thirty that I’m dealing with right now and it was refreshing to know I wasn’t alone!  The wittiness and humor definitely added a lighthearted air to the book, though a few times it proved to be a bit too distracting from the main points the authors were trying to make.   However, it did make for an easy read and the advice from both the writers and the experts proved helpful!

If you’re going through this 30-something transition, which the authors call redo-berty, it’s a cool, fun read and you’re sure to get something out of it!

The book hits shelves tomorrow so be on the lookout for it!

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