Pucker Up Baby! What is your Lip Classification?

Did you know you even had a lip classification?  I surely didn’t and according to Dr. Robert Gordon  a.k.a Dr. Lips, not too many doctors out there have one either!  Dr. Gordon has created the first and only template for lip classifications, which is super important if you’re considering getting a little extra surgical help for your pout. “I noticed a definitive void in the medical arena pertaining to lips and perioral aesthetics,” says Dr. Gordon.  “I used my experience in both art and science to create a classification system that would fill that void and allow women to reach their full aesthetic potential.”  He feels that all lips are not created equal and I definitely agree!

Though I don’t plan on getting anything done on my lips ( I think they are just fine!  I mean they are classic according to this chart!), I thought this would be fun to share with you ladies!  I gotta admit that this lip science is kinda cool!  

So get in the mirror and pucker baby!

  What’s your lip classification?

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Photo courtesy of: Corbis Images, Dr. Robert Gordon

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