Dear Curling Iron: We Need Some Space


My curling iron and I have had a tight, yet often destructive relationship.  I used it every day, all day as the only way to get my hair to behave.  Up until this past July, my ends always had a tendency to get unruly and my hair always lay flat – sometimes too flat!  Add to the fact that my hair is relaxed and is even more susceptible to breakage, it wasn’t helping my hair health to use the curling iron every single day.

This past July, I finally found a stylist I liked (the same one who did my blowout during my interview with Tippi Shorter) and I went in to get the much needed trim.  My ends were damaged, splitting and breaking before my hair had a chance to grow longer. The overuse of heating products was definitely a culprit, along with the sun and salt damage that comes along with living in a coastal area.  Now my hair has volume, my ends are better than ever, and I almost feel like I have a brand new hairdo.  It’s amazing what a trim will do! So amazing that when I got home, my curling iron was not looking like the best friend I grew to know and love.  I can’t control the sun and salt water from getting to my hair.

But I can control the curling iron.

So I had to give us some space, only using it to briefly touch up my bangs every now and again.  Instead I have a new friend – my hair rollers!  Do I look crazy after I wash my hair and every night I go to bed?  Absolutely!  But it’s well worth it! It helps maintain my new found volume and keeps my hair away from the heat as much as possible.  Learning how to sleep in them requires some imaginative maneuvering but I finally have it down pact!  It’s crazy because I get more compliments with my roller-set hair than I did before!  And who doesn’t love that!

So, my dear curling iron, you have now become an acquaintance.  It was fun while it lasted!


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7 thoughts on “Dear Curling Iron: We Need Some Space

  1. Michelle @ Ethnic Cosmetics says:

    Actually, it will be great if you are getting rid of your relaxer. The hair tends to break when the two textures are there (the relaxed and the natural hair). You HAVE to keep those two textures blended straight. It took me almost a year to let it all grow out and I had to cut some of it out.

    With the InStyler, you can use it to smooth the new growth easily while you are transitioning. It’s not too hot either so your hair is left soft and silky. My daughter has a relaxer which I touch up twice a year and she uses the InStyler with good results.

    (I should be getting paid for this recommendation LOL)


  2. Michelle @ Ethnic Cosmetics says:

    Ladies you will LOVE the InStyler. I went from curling iron to flat iron. Hair was left feeling like straw. Of course, then you moisturize and the hair frizzes a little.

    Well, at least that’s my story :-) I have no relaxer so I just use a cool dryer and then the InStyler. (wow that rhymes) Anyway, I will never use a flat iron and curling iron again!

    You can make soft curls or just go plain straight.

    They sell it at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $100 but I got it direct from them online for $150. It was buy one get one free. I highly recommend this product.

    If you want to see a picture of my hair after my first InStyler use, it’s on my Facebook fan page at (and that was really not a way to get people to go to my fanpage!)


    • MJ says:

      I see that on TV all the time and I was really tempted to get one! I’m slowly weaning my way off the relaxer, so maybe when that happens I will check it out! Thanks so much for the recommendation! :)

  3. Michelle says:

    I so had this problem with my straightener a few years ago! My ends were FRIED! I took about 5 inch off my hair, stopped using heating tools (they were used for special occasions only), let my hair air dry, and conditioned frequently. My hair has shine like I never new before! Sounds like it was the same. Goood for you, great post! <3

    • MJ says:

      I definitely have to keep on top of the deep conditioning! Its kind of like, I have a clean slate now that my bad ends are gone and I don’t want it to get back to that!

      Thanks for poppin over girl!

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