Giving your Swim Suit a Lift: Swim Shapers from Braza

I know the Fall season is knocking at your door, but if you live down south like me, you know that the summer weather tends to stick around just a little bit longer!  For me, my swimsuit doesn’t get put away just yet and as much as I told myself I  needed a new swim suit, I have yet to get one!  Didn’t this review come in handy!

Braza, a company known for providing the solutions to women’s most troubling fashion problems, has a product that can help make a worn bathing suit (like mine!) get some more swim life! Their product Swim Shapers, aim to add that initial lift that built in swim suit bra had when you first bought it.  Available in either foam or silicon (as well as a variety of shapes and sizes), these handy pads are made to fit in most swimsuits to give your “girls” some lift and make your bikini top look brand new.  I gave the Swim Shaper Triangle foam pads a test run and they made a difference in how my tankini fit.  I was kind of skeptical at first, especially when “my girls” are bigger than the average size!  It added lift and felt rather comfortable!  I could’ve probably went with the rounder ones and it would’ve gave me better coverage, but this style definitely did the job!  The price point is awesome too, with these pads priced around $9.00 (that’s what I like to see!)

To check out these and other cleavage-fixing problem solvers, check out Braza’s website!


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Photo courtesy of: Braza

FTC Disclosure: Products used in this review were received as free samples.

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