Will Travel To Colder Climates Just to Wear These Boots

I was just casually surfing the web when I came across Boston Proper’s website.  I’ve recently learned about them through a recent post I did on Back to School Fashion Tips, and decided to have a looksie at their shoes…


I literally died a fashionista’s death when I saw these freakin boots!! My severe-A type personality loves to plan out my writing, but I could NOT pass up sharing these spectacular boots!! I would literally fly on a plane to NYC, Chicago, hell, ANY cold weather state just to rock these boots!!  I wish I had the $339 to buy them!

What do you ladies think? Did you do a Rachel Zoe and just “die” for these??

Photos courtesy of: Boston Proper

10 thoughts on “Will Travel To Colder Climates Just to Wear These Boots

  1. Natashia says:

    Yes! MJ these boots are something serious you just need to pull that east coast flavor, you know how they do in California whatever the season they will wear boots in a min. These must make you top 10 list for fall/winter must haves.

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