Beauty Blast: CLEAR Skin Care Products from Paula’s Choice

I recently gave you ladies some good skin care tips from expert Paula Begoun about what do when it comes to stubborn acne.  As promised, I’m putting in my two cents when it comes to her CLEAR Skin care products, which is made especially for my ladies with acne.  Though I don’t personally have an acne problem, I did test out the three products in this collection (very sparingly!) for a week to give you ladies a general feel before you check it out for yourself!


CLEAR Normalizing Cleanser  Retail Price: $10.95

This is the first step in the 3 part product process. The Normalizing Cleanser is a gel that aims to fight against acne and blemishing without the drying and irritating ingredients.  It also has antibacterial and soothing agents to help reduce facial redness.  One thing I liked about the cleanser was that it was a gel which made it very nice to use on my skin.  It did a good job in cleansing my face and sucking out the oil from pesky T-zone!  However, because I have combination skin, it dried out the parts of my face that needed the most moisture so I wouldn’t recommend this for ladies with my type of skin.

CLEAR Targeted Acne Relief Toner  Retail Price: $18.95

Taking a cue from the cleanser, this toner also aims to be gentle on the skin without the irritating ingredients as it heals and diminishes oily skin.  With prolonged use, Paula’s Choice claims that skin will be significantly clearer, smoother, and even-toned.  Following the instructions, I applied the toner after using the cleanser with a small cotton ball.  Although you can use it all over your face, I aimed for my T-zone making sure I hit all the spots where I tend to break out.  For review purposes it was fortunate I had a pimple on my forehead which I treated with the toner once a day.  By the end of the week it was gone!  You feel a nice, tingly sensation at first and then the toner dries away very quickly.

CLEAR Acne Fighting Treatment  Retail Price: $16.95

The last step in this skincare regimen is the Acne Fighting Treatment.  This light cream aims to unclog pores, reduce blackheads as well as reduce redness caused by blemishes.  I actually tried out this product on my husband after he used the cleanser and toner.  It went on very smooth and didn’t need a lot to get full coverage.  He described a tingly sensation that quickly went away and was satisfied with it!

To get your hands on these products as well as the others offered by Paula’s Choice, visit their website!

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Photo courtesy of: Paula’s Choice

FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.

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