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This topic came about when Katy from Modly Chic and I were talking about two posts that I and a fellow Yahoo! Shine Community blogger had written.  My post was showcasing plus size fashion from Monif C and the other was about Saks offering plus size designer clothing.  Some of the comments were positive but the negative ones were too hard to ignore and the topic of size in fashion is definitely one worth discussing!

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Should someone’s size stop them from fashion blogging or having a voice in the community?

Absolutely not!!  Fashion isn’t limited to one particular size.  Every woman, regardless of her size, has a right to have her say when it comes to fashion.

In your opinion, can the term “curvy” and “plus-sized” be used interchangeably when it comes to fashion?

As a blogger, I do use the term interchangeably, though many people can make legit arguments as to why it shouldn’t be.  I use them interchangeably because there are many women that are curvy and plus sized and that’s usually who my focus audience is when I do those type of blog posts.

Many people make the argument that catering to plus sized women would promote being overweight as “okay”.  What do you think?  Should more designers be catering to plus size women?

I honestly think that’s crazy.  There are so many other things in the world that contribute to obesity in this country.  I think the fact that clothing sizes are getting bigger and bigger is just another sign of the obesity problem.  Since the problem will not fix itself in a day, I think designers should cater to plus size women.  Just because she’s bigger than the normal sizes does not deny her the right to look fabulous!

Should the mainstream fashion industry be showcasing more plus size models?

I think the mainstream fashion industry should be showcasing more models that resemble the average woman period.  The average woman isn’t a size 2 and the fashion industry needs to realize that.  Instead of making us conform to their standards, they should be conforming to ours – I mean at the end of the day, we are the ones who keep them in business!
For you personally, how do you view your size, the struggle with it through the years, your ideal size, etc…

I’ve always had issues with my weight.  I think my smallest was when I was around 150lbs or so in middle school (and I felt I was fat) and my biggest was a few years ago when I was staring at 240lbs.  This past year I’ve been sticking to a really good exercise schedule and getting some great results.  A few years ago I wanted the size 10 figure and because it was so unrealistic, I got depressed (and ate!).  Now if I can stay at a solid 14 that would be fantastic! (because this in-between size thing is getting really old!)

My biggest frustration is finding clothes that fit and flatter me.  Regular retail stores many times don’t carry clothes that can accommodate my large bust size or muscular thighs.  Plus size clothing, if it isn’t cut right, is way too big (it fits right for “the girls” and thighs but is a tent everywhere else!).  As I get older I’m becoming more and more comfortable in my not-always-plus-size skin. I know when I was bigger, there were clothes I couldn’t wear.   I’m significantly smaller now and there are still clothes I can’t wear! Is it disheartening sometimes? Sure! But at the end of the day, I have to find what fits me (and try everything on!)

What is your take on the size issue when it comes to fashion?

Photo courtesy of: Monif C

10 thoughts on “Friend Friday:Size in Fashion

  1. hannahdomingo says:

    Hi MJ this is a great topic for discussion and I totally agree that stores should listen to consumers and give us what we want and need because at the end of the day we make them rich…

  2. daisybabie says:

    excellent topic, chica, as well as great answers! thank you for bringing this forward to be discussed.
    size in general shouldn’t be an issue, but it is what it is for whatever reasons from god knows when. i just finished reading the comments on your Shine, Monif C article. there are some strong sentiments being stated by some folks in there. where or why do some people think it’s acceptable to knock another because of a weight or size. ignorance? i don’t know but somehow, the lack of compassion and understanding never ceases to surprise me.

    • MJ says:

      Thank you!

      I think its important for all of us to talk about it and talk about it loud enough until the fashion powers that be hear us. IIt’s unfair and just contributes to the bigger problems that younger and younger girls are having when it comes to body image.

      Eveyone’s answers are fantastic and I’m glad Katy chose to do this topic his week! :)

  3. Katy says:

    MJ thanks for suggesting this topic. It’s gotten some great posts and comments going on a number of the blogs. I love how you are unafraid to talk about your size and weight challenges over the years. Your fearless. And you look stunning now, so just ignore the haters. – Katy

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