Tips for Rocking Those High Heels (and Not the Pain!)

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As a fellow lover of anything Stiletto, I know that wearing heels over long periods of time can cause some adverse effects.  You know that deep, burning pain that can result from trying to be cute in heels that has you limping crazy at the end of the night.  What you may not know is that according to researchers, wearing those high heels all the time can cause your calf muscles to shorten on top of everything else!  It surely doesn’t  come to a surprise but yet, many of us ladies aren’t ready to give up on those heels  just yet!

To help us out on alleviating some of the pain that comes with wearing our 4 inch high loves, I’ve turned to Manhattan-based podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong once again.  As the Director of Surgery at NYC FOOTCARE and part of the Board of Directors at Gramercy Park Surgery Center. Dr. Zong has seen his fair share of hurting high-heel loving ladies and has five great tips on how to rock our heels without the pain!

 1. Invest in good heels. That’s right, the experts say to splurge on shoes! “If your shoes are no longer supportive, you are also more likely to experience arch and heel pain as a result,” says Dr. Zong. These soft tissue aches can be avoided by making sure your heels are still supportive and not worn down.  The money you spend on good shoes will be much less than the money you would spend on visits to the doctor.

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2. Trade quantity for quality. You don’t necessarily need to squander your entire life savings on a collection of high heels. Expensive shoes are not necessarily better and cheaper shoes are not necessarily bad. Dr. Zong says when buying high heels, look for a rubber sole for better shock absorption and reasonable heel height (1-2 inches works best). In terms of shoe material, “Try to find a shoe that is leather, they will last longer and conform better to the shape of your foot,” says Dr. Zong.

3. Don’t wait to buy new shoes. Your feet take you everywhere. Dr. Zong warns, “If your feet hurt, it will only make commuting more difficult.” If you are interviewing for a job for example, you will be distracted by how much your feet hurt if your shoes don’t fit well.

4. Always stretch your lengthened legs. This tip is especially relevant for fashion addicts. Whenever you wear heels, “Try stretching exercises to avoid soreness at the end of the day,” recommends Dr. Zong. You can do all sorts of leg stretches while sitting at your desk, waiting in line for coffee, or even while standing in an elevator.

5. Treat yourself to a foot rub! After walking in heels all day, foot massages and pedicures can do wonders for tired, achy feet. If your budget doesn’t allow for that, you can always give yourself a pedicure or ask a friend to do it for you – Just offer to let her borrow your sexy high-heels! 

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To protect those pretty feet the next time you get that pedi, check out Dr. Zong’s dos (and don’t’s) of getting a pedicure!

Photos courtesy of:,, Dr. Oliver Zong

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