Beauty Blast: Bang by Marc Jacobs

I know it’s been a hot minute since I reviewed a men’s cologne since PD2 and Givenchy’s Play.  It has also been awhile since Marc Jacobs has come out with a men’s fragrance.  So we’re going to kick this off with a Bang shall we!  (Yes, the pun was soo intended! LOL)

This new smell good by Marc Jacobs has starting notes of black, pink, and white peppercorns followed by masculine woods and other unique scents including white moss and patchouli.  But before you even get to all of this, the bottle itself is iintriguing!  As you can see, it looks like a plain metallic and black bottle was “banged” to death to give you an odd shaped yet self standing bottle.  The ruggedness yet sleekness of the cologne’s bottle lends itself to the first word that comes to mind when I smelled it:


I’m talking about a macho kind of fragrance which smells unlike the other smooth and friendly colognes my husband usually wears.  I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I was seeing my husband off to work one evening.  I gave him a hug and when I smelled it on him, my first thought was “Damn, he smells sexy!” (and I don’t just say that because he’s my hubby! LOL).  I liked the fact that it was different and could tell right away what he was wearing.  When a cologne has a signature fragrance like that, it can’t help but stand out!

Oh yeah, my husband likes it too!

You can scoop this up at your local Bloomingdales or Marc Jacob’s boutique! (1.7 oz., $55 and 3.4 oz., $75)

Photos courtesy of: Marc Jacobs

FTC Disclosure:  Product used in this review was obtained as a free sample.

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