Beauty Blast: DOO GRO Mega Thick Growth Oil

A healthy scalp is just as important as healthy hair.  A dry scalp could spell trouble!  I’m always keeping an eye on my scalp to make sure it’s nice and moisturized.  I have learned a lot since I started beauty blogging and one major thing I’m doing differently is paying attention to what I really put on my hair.  My hair is very fine so too much product can leave my hair limp and weighed down (and not to mention greasy!).  I used to use these hair products for my scalp and though I liked it, I found them too heavy for my hair to handle!  I picked up Doo Gro Mega Thick Growth Oil as an alternative to the hair grease I was using.  One of the major pluses for me was that it didn’t contain petroleum or mineral oil (those can clog your hair pores and therefore hinder your hair’s growth process).  It can be used as a daily hair and scalp treatment or as a hot oil treatment.

One thing I really liked about it was the bottle.  The super thin nozzle makes it super easy to apply to my scalp as well as help regulate how much I put on my hair.  The oil also smells nice and does a great job moisturizing.  Word of caution though to my fine hair ladies – use SPARINGLY!  I applied the oil only o a few spots on my scalp and combed my hair out for even distribution.  The first time I applied it everywhere on my scalp and my hair was straight greasy!

I like oil and It definitely does the job but, trust me, that one bottle is going to last me a really long time!

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