Beauty Blast: St. Ives Cellulite Shield Lotion

Ugh, cellulite!

It can be such a dirty word!   But much to our dismay, we ladies know that there isn’t a magical cream that can completely get rid of it! So we have to settle for the next best thing – minimizing it’s appearance.  I personally have been dealing with that nasty C word on my thighs regardless of the 3-to-4 times-a-week gym routine.  In the past I used this firming lotion from St. Ives and absolutely loved it.  So I went back to the brand and picked up their Cellulite Shield Lotion.  St. Ives claims that this body moisturizer will significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite in two weeks with its MicroSmooth Complex made up of green tea, citrus extracts, caffeine, and menthol.

After using it religiously for the past month, I must say that I have noticed a difference!  Did that dreaded cellulite completely go away?  Of course not!  But it did help in minimizing the appearance and a girl can be happy with that!  My skin did feel firmer and a bit smoother than before.  It also does a great job at keeping my skin moisturized throughout the day. The fragrance is an added bonus, smelling so citrusy delicious making this moisturizer such a sweet treat to use!

Have you ladies given this product a whirl?  What do you use to battle that dreaded cellulite?

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FTC Disclosure: Product used in this review was personally purchased.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Blast: St. Ives Cellulite Shield Lotion

  1. MJ says:

    LOL! You are so right! That’s why its important that we don’t obsess over hings like cellulite and understand there isn’t a magic potion that will make it all disappear!

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