How To Pull Off a Vintage Glam Look

What inspired me to do this post was a recent feature I did on the Perfect Wedding Guide on getting a vintage inspired look on your big day.  The three things I learned when it comes to a vintage glam makeup look are heavy liner, peachy cheeks, and a bold red lipstick.  Now I’ll be honest, out of the those three things, I only do a peachy blush. I never rocked heavy eyeliner and  frankly, I’m intimidated by red lipstick!  However, you can’t knock it until you try it and after practicing for about two days, I came up with my own version of the look.  Could I have gone bolder and more dramatic?  Sure!  But you know what they say – you gotta crawl before you can walk!

Eyes: I needed subtle colors for my eyes to counteract the heavy liner and bold lipstick I would be wearing so this is what I used (and where I used it!)

  • Maybelline Give Me Gold Pallette: White shadow on my eyelids, the bronze shadow on the corners and creases.
  • Wet-n-Wild Color Icon Pallete in Pride:  White shadow on my browbone to act as a base (helps bring out colors that you can barely see on you otherwise)
  • Too Faced Full Frontal Eyeshadow:  On top of the white shadow on my brow bone to make the colors stand out more
  • Mary Kay Eyeliner in black:  I drew a thick line along my lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner.
  • Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in black (hopefully you know where that goes!)

Cheeks:  Instead of peach I went and used  Hard Candy’s Love Doll, which was more pinkish in color

Lips: I used Avon’s Extra Lasting Lip Gloss in Always Apple, the only red lip color I’m comfortable wearing!


Any of you ladies more experienced in pulling off this look? What suggestions do you have?


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8 thoughts on “How To Pull Off a Vintage Glam Look

  1. Socialite Dreams says:

    just have to do it babe! with your coloring, the make up for ever red on my page would be vibrant and beautiful on you. The darker the skin the MORE vibrant we can get away with, not the less. Go to a sephora and just have fun trying on some colors you think you’d NEVER wear and I bet you’ll be surprised. If Alek Wek can pull off the vibrant cool colors you KNOW you can.

    • MJ says:

      Thank you! I usually wear a brown or pinkish kind of colored lip gloss too because I like playing up my eyes more than my lips. But this was definitely something different to try out! :)

  2. daisybabie says:

    i always do my eyes, eyeliner and mascara, before leaving the house. lipstick not…not always. it’s usually a tube of burt’s bees. :o)
    when i do wear color on my lips, it’s either an earthy brown or nude or shade of purpley pink. reds….i think i’ve an aversion to it. i feel all the reds i’ve tried are too orangey and makes me feel like i look like ronald mcdonald! lol

  3. MJ says:

    You can do bold colors for eyes during the day (check out my Wet-n-Wild post. I wore that to work and got compliments! :) ) You just have to be conservative with the application.

    Red lipstick is scary but actually on dark skin, you can go with deeper shades of red. I find that a little bit more comfortable to wear.

    • Ethnic Cosmetics says:

      Hey MJ-

      In my photo I have a color on that’s in the red family but its just too bold for me! I prefer shades in the bronze family.

      Whenever I go to work with any kind of make up on people notice and I kinida hate that! I’m sort of “dumb” on the makeup front because I don’t wear it often. Now, talk to me about skin care and I’m all over it :-)


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