Beauty Blast: Optimum Oil Therapy Over-Nite Strengthener

The beauty supply store can be a dangerous place for a beauty blogger like me and during a trip there with my Mom, I scanned the aisles looking for something else to add to my overflowing hair product collection!  I eventually picked up Optimum Oil Therapy’s Over-Night Hair Strengthener, a hair dress that claims to nourish your hair while sleeping as well as protect against breakage.  I have been using their 3-n-1 Moisturizer for awhile now and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to use this before wrapping my hair up at night.

Unlike the 3-n-1, the consistency of the hair dress is a lot thinner which I wasn’t exactly thrilled about, but I learned to get used to it.  After using it for a couple of weeks in the evening before wrapping my hair, I must say I am satisfied with the results!  When I take my hair down in the morning, it has lots of shine without feeling greasy.  It also doesn’t weigh my hair down, which is a definite plus!


Another great addition to my hair product collection that includes:

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Photo courtesy of: Soft Sheen Carson

FTC Disclosure:  The product used in this review was purchased.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Blast: Optimum Oil Therapy Over-Nite Strengthener

  1. MJ says:

    I definitely hear you on the strengthening thing. Yes, a lot of products do claim to strengthen hair and I think that it can be misleading when a consumer feels that the only product they need to use i order to make their hair stronger. Deep conditioning is very essential to healthy hair!

    Thanks so much for your thoughts! :)

  2. Michelle - Ethnic Skin Care says:


    I tried this product and didn’t like it. You are right that it doesn’t weigh your hair down. However, I think its deceptive on the strengthening claim.

    It takes the hair shaft to be swelled open (only heat can accomplish that) & then protein can be bonded to that.

    these creams on the market always claim to strengthen the hair. The best they do is make the hair shiny and soft. Real strengthening happens with a deep protein conditioner.

    Ok, that’s my 50 cents for the week :-)


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