Fierce Plus Size Fashion: Monif C

It’s no secret that I am a proud member of the curvy girl club!  I understand the frustrations of finding fashionable clothing that will flatter my plus size figure (and the “girls”!) so I’m always looking out for plus size clothing that seem to do just that!  In my search I came across the plus size line Monif  C and I was instantly in love!  The colors are bold and the styles embrace curves!   I fell in love…..and then had my heart broken – the prices are waay out of my league!  So as I sigh out of disappointment, I will perk up again, and look at these styles as a source of inspiration (and I hope you ladies will too!)

Need help dressing up those curves? We’ve got tips for that!

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Marilyn Convertible Dress $235


Anastasia $188


Roxie $175


Marilyn Short Convertible Dress $195

Espana $118

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